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Neo ecology – interzum spotlights sustainable product culture

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That’s why interzum aims to fulfil its responsibility as a leading international trade fair when it opens its gates from 9 to 12 May 2023. By choosing “neo-ecology” as its central theme, interzum will be highlighting the topic’s importance for suppliers to the global furniture and interior design industry in order to stimulate more dialogue and develop new solutions together.

In line with its slogan, “Shaping the change”, interzum 2023 will present future-oriented innovations in production processes, materials and components for interior design applications. Because of their focus on the early stages of product cycles, the trade fair and its exhibitors have key roles to play as we move towards a sustainable product culture.

interzum 2019 - Piazza Disruptive Materials

Holistic perspectives and sustainability inspiration

Businesses that want to take sustainability beyond mere greenwashing need to do a lot more. Energy and resource use, manufacturing processes, materials, packaging, transport, recycling – all these factors are vitally important when it comes to protecting the climate.

interzum 2023 will address these issues and examine the neo-ecology focus topic from a holistic perspective. In addition to the exhibitors’ presentations and product debuts, a wide-ranging event programme will highlight and discuss sustainability-related issues, providing key momentum for further development. After all, the demand for resource-saving processes and products is intensifying – not only from manufacturers but also from designers, architects and end consumers. Concern for the environment is increasingly becoming an important consideration for customers and therefore a key business issue.

interzum 2019 - Piazza Disruptive Materials

interzum 2019 - Piazza Disruptive Materials

The industry is committed to high environmental standards

Exhibitors at interzum are taking their corporate responsibility to protect the environment seriously – in both development and manufacturing. More and more companies are designing their products to meet high sustainability standards. This is also reflected in the growing number of environmental certifications and “green” labels for products in the furniture supply industry.

In manufacturing, there is an increasing flow of investment into wide-ranging climate protection measures, which are regularly publicised in sustainability reports. Production processes are optimised to maximise energy savings and minimise waste. More and more of the resources and materials used are obtained from sustainable, certified sources. And woodprocessing companies are supporting reforestation projects or initiatives that promote the protection and efficient management of forests.

Innovations for the circular economy

Given that the climate crisis is becoming a growing threat to society, many experts expect our product culture to shift towards a more sustainable circular economy. In the furniture production and interior construction sectors, initiatives like cradle-to-cradle design demonstrate the enormous potential of this trend. Many companies in the supplier industry have already shown their commitment to circular product processes.

At interzum 2023, this development will be echoed in the exhibitors’ presentations and product launches. These will include bio-based materials as well as recycled materials obtained from waste and offcuts for use in furniture components or mattress production. Efforts to reduce material consumption and cease using solvents and formaldehyde in surface coatings and decorative finishes will be among the other drivers of innovation highlighted at the trade fair.

interzum 2019 - Piazza Disruptive Materials

interzum 2019 - Piazza Disruptive Materials

The interzum award has a new category: neo-ecology

In view of this development, it’s only logical that the interzum award 2023 will also actively embrace the event’s new central theme: for the first time, exhibitors can enter their innovations in the “neo-ecology” category. The aim of the award is to bring exciting concepts and innovations with respect to products, production processes and materials to international attention. The Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations form the basis for the assessment for the new category, with a particular focus on goal 12 – sustainable consumption and production – and goal 13 – urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

interzum 2019 - Piazza Disruptive Materials

interzum 2019 - Piazza Disruptive Materials

Future-oriented special events and Trend Forums

In addition to the emerging neo-ecology social megatrend, the requirements placed on the design of furniture and interiors are also changing.

Rising energy costs and bottlenecks in supply chains have sharpened our focus on our living environments. Designers are experimenting with regenerative and organic materials. Products made using recycled waste are introducing new textures and colours to interior design. Designs are increasingly characterised by authenticity and naturalness.

At interzum 2023, themed special events and the interzum Trend Forums will highlight the creativity of the furniture supplier industry in responding to demands for sustainability. With market-specific and design-related issues of the future, the leading international trade fair will thus remain a reliable port of call for inspiring discussion and new business opportunities.