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Compact information for stand constructors

Important information in brief

Maximum stand height

The maximum height for strucutres or advertising material of all stand constructions (incl. signs, banners and other advertising and construction elements) is set at 4.50m, insofar as this is permitted by the hall ceiling and any fixed structures that may be present. Higher stand heights of up to 6.50m are permissible in halls 1 and 6-9 without special acceptance. In halls 4, 5, 10 and 11 a transgression of the maximum stand height is possible, depending on the height of the hall and after special acceptance by Koelnmesse.

As long as the technical guidelines are observed when designing and erecting stands, there is no need to submit for acceptance drawings for one-storey stands that do not exceed the permitted height.

All other stands and designs (e.g. two storey stands) must be accepted, particulary if the stand features special structures or meeting areas, or static calculations are required.

Plans must be submitted for acceptance by Koelnmesse in good time before the work is carried out, at least 6 weeks before construction commences. These documents, which can be scrutinized, consist of ground plans, views and design cross sections with all measurements.

The maximum height for structures or advertising material of all stand constructions in passages and boulevards is 3.00m.

To be read in the Conditions of Participation Special Section (.pdf)

Important contacts

  • Traffic and logistic
    Tel. +49 221 821-2097
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  • Stand engineering
    (suspended installations, electrical and water connections), stand fittings and stand services
    Tel. +49 221 821-3998
  • Event Technology and Approval
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