Cologne: 20.–23.05.2025 #interzum

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interzum Award

Best of the Best 2021

Clamex P-14 Flexus

Clamex P-14 Flexus | Detachable furniture connector with flexible positioning pins

Detachable furniture connector with flexible positioning pins - Lamello AG, Bubendorf, Switzerland, In-house design: Patrick Jeker, Philipp Seiler, Jan Fischer

Clamex P-14 Flexus is a detachable connection fitting based on the P-System anchorage that offers smart process control. Its main innovation are its flexible positioning pins which serve as a positioning as well as fixing element and ensure complete freedom in the assembly sequence. The connectors are inserted into the material without protruding, and this also allows the subsequent installation of workpieces into existing elements.

Linear lens

Linear lens | Light and lighting systems

Light and lighting systems - Häfele SE & Co KG, Nagold, Germany, In-house design: Design Bartenbach GmbH, Aldrans, Austria

The Linear lens for furniture construction intelligently focuses the light from an LED strip, achieving twice the illuminance in the desired focus area without changing the dimensions. The LED strip ensures homogeneous illumination of kitchen work surfaces, wardrobes, etc. while reducing glare by 85 per cent. The discreet linear lens is suitable for all Loox5 LED strip lights with a width of 5 mm or 8 mm.

Bloom Technology FENIX NTM® and Arpa HPL

Bloom Technology FENIX NTM® and Arpa HPL | Surface materials

Surface materials - Arpa Industriale S.p.A., Bra, Italy, In-house design: Musa and Nemho

Bloom is a new core technology for FENIX NTM and Arpa HPL that makes them more sustainable. Arpa Industriale’s products are made of paper and thermosetting resins based on phenol. With Bloom, lignin technology is introduced to significantly reduce the amount of phenol included in the resin by 50 per cent. Lignin is a natural polymer occurring in wood that holds wood fibres together.


Orbis | Sustainable foam

Sustainable foam - The Vita Group, Manchester, United Kingdom, In-house design: Sarvoday Singh

Orbis is a flexible polyurethane foam made with raw materials partly sourced from recycled foam mattresses. The base material comprises RENUVA polyols, giving the foam similar properties to traditionally made PU foams. Orbis enables the manufacture of new mattresses from recycled mattress foam cores and thus is a circular approach to sustainability.