Cologne: 04.–07.05.2021 #interzum

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Gross + Froelich GmbH & Co. KG | Exhibitor on the interzum 2019

Gross + Froelich GmbH & Co. KG

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Hall 8.1 Stand: F021
Gross + Froelich GmbH & Co. KG
Josef-Beyerle-Str. 7
71263 Weil der Stadt
+49 7033 5223
+49 7033 522430
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Company & products
List of Products

This exhibitor shows the following products and commodity groups:

Press Release
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Company & products

As the market requirements for heavy duty applications in the furniture industry in general and in office chair business in particular are growing, this uniquely designed caster is the most durable solution for all heavy duty applications.

This long lasting caster features riveted wheels, emphasized through the shiny hubcap which covers the riveted axle. Riveted wheels allow for a secure construction and minimize the risk of losing wheels, an area where standard casters fall short under high load. The stem bore was also optimized and made beefier, leading to an extra stable stem. High quality materials combined with clever engineering lead to a remarkable load capacity of 100 kg per caster. The design is inspired by the established MOVE design line and offers a heavy duty supplement for the caster family, perfect for all mobile office applications e.g. tables, containers, room dividers,  etc.

MOVE 75 HD is available for hard and for soft floors and soon also with Delta Brake.

Built to withstand – this caster exceeds requirements according to ANSI/BIFMA X5.11 for Heavy Duty applications.


STATO M glides add a harmonious complement to the MOVE casters, used for chairs or furniture. The glides are available in two design series: in the "elegance" version with a chrome-plated ring as well as in the "dynamic" style, so with a black, white or colored ring element. It is also available electrically conductive (ESD).

Now also available as a tall model in addition to the existing low model and utilizes changeable bottom pieces. There are three variations to accommodate hard and soft flooring surfaces. A standard flat bottom is intended for use on carpet for a relatively stationary item. The felt is designated for hard floors, especially delicate hard wood. The convex option is intended for easy gliding over carpet. Additionally, the bottom piece is easy to change out, just click it in. The standard flat bottom and felt bottom are the same plastic disk, to change from standard to felt, just turn over the disk and glue on felt. This can be done in house or by the customer. If a curved bottom is needed, just change out the flat disk for the curved version.

As with all products from Gross Stabil, the STATO M glide is also available with the patented No-Noise™ stem.

MOVE Family

Made of the best materials, with innovative technology and a striking design. The MOVE family is an exceptional choice for any office application.

MOVE classic is a reliable caster for all applications, available in a few different diameters. From 50 mm to 75 mm, various neck diameters and options, you’re sure to find the right caster for your application. MOVE casters are also available with our easy to use Delta Brake.

MOVE 50, at 50 mm, is simple yet dependable. The attractive universal neck of the hooded model is perfect for varying bases.

The MOVE 60 casters are our most versatile and design oriented casters in 60 mm.

MOVE 60 dynamic and elegance have a distinct look with either a ring element or a 3 spoke (Y) design. MOVE 60 dynamic comes in a variety of colors, as well as various neck diameters. MOVE 60 elegance is pure elegance for high end seating, distinguished by its zinc housing and chrome wheel accents. MOVE elegance refines every premium product with its own elegant mobility.

The favored 65 mm diameter is now available as MOVE 65 with innovative technology as well.

MOVE 75 completes this product offering in the large diameter of 75 mm. A classic look with a bigger diameter for even more mobility and comfort i.g. also for healthcare applications. The MOVE 75 HD caster has a unique design with riveted wheels and extra stable stem plus a remarkable capacity of 100 kg. It is perfect for all heavy duty applications especially mobile office applications e.g. tables, containers, room dividers,  etc.

And as a perfect match to all casters of the MOVE family: STATO M glides – for all of your products which need casters as well as glides - now available in low and tall version.

As with all products from Gross Stabil, the MOVE casters and STATO M glides are also available with the patented No-Noise™ stem and rollcontrol® system.