Cologne: 20.–23.05.2025 #interzum

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AX-R+ ROLLERS LAMINATING MACHINE | Exhibitor on the interzum 2023


The Aper AX-R+ roller gluing machine has been designed to be used with mono-component water-based glues. It can perform several types of gluing, for example:
– glue application on shaped profiles
– glue application on tips only
– glue application on flat surfaces

The AX-R+ gluing machine consists of 2 rollers, one for application and one for batching, through which the glue is applied and the quantity of adhesive to be distributed is adjusted.
With the profile tracking option, the glue rollers automatically position on the part to be glued and follow its profile. The robust and precise mechanics of the AX-R+ machine and the accuracy with which the batching and applicator rollers are manufactured, ensure very important competitive advantages, among which the possibility of an extremely accurate adjustment, consequently reducing the weight of applied glue, and the possibility to work at a high speed  under all conditions and with any type of material, also of different thicknesses whether it be smooth, embossed or shaped.

This machine is managed by a numeric control touch screen and consists of a loading conveyor belt with wheels to facilitate cleaning operations, a processing belt in stick-proof material and a glue bridge which contains the rollers group.

The adjustment of the quantity of glue to be spread may be executed by operating on the manual micrometric handwheel or motorised and completely automatic.

The many options available for the model AX-R+, make it flexible and appropriate for numerous types of use that require gluing. The AX-R+ glue applicator is able to operate as stand-alone or in line with other APER machines.
Via XXV Aprile 36
Hall 9.1 | B038 C039