Köln: 20.–23.05.2025 #interzum

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Uniblock Exacto 2023 | Aussteller auf der interzum 2023

Uniblock Exacto 2023

Polyurethane foam block machinery with  pressure-controlled chamber, designed to meet each customer´s needs.
Productive High output with cycle times as low as 5 minutes per batch. Small footprint.
Efficient No waste between batches.
Can be used to produce:
Conventional foams
Viscoelastic foams
High resilience foams
2 component systems

Other special foams
Versatile: Possibility to change formulas and molds between batches to produce different foams.

Productive: Very high output with cycle times of 5 minutes or less per batch.

Production in series without cleaning between batches.

Efficient: No waste when changing formulas. Excellent reproducibility with the Uniblock Exacto™ program for dosing.

Pressure control:

The Uniblock Exacto™ can operate with positive or negative pressure.

Pressure variation during the foam growth changes the density and ILD of the foam.

Gas extraction to outside the building.
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