Cologne: 04.–07.05.2021 #interzum

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Truly unique: Veneers in cars, boats and planes



© Schon & Groh

What makes a stylish car, boat or plane one of a kind? Above all else, individual materials such as surfaces made out of real veneer. Where only the wood of selected types of tree are used for its unique grain. At interzum 2017, exhibitors such as Schorn & Groh will be showing how veneers can be used to create exceptional accents.

Limousines and other means of luxury transport are wonderful examples of the impressive visual appeal of veneer surfaces. Thanks to its fine woodgrain, genuine veneer has that certain something that distinguishes bespoke design from the ordinary. "This definitely guarantees the special look and uniqueness of the car, boat, caravan, jetliner or even personal plane", says Dirk-Uwe Klaas. The Managing Director of the Veneer + Nature Initiative (IFN / Initiative Furnier + Natur) goes on to underscore the importance of the surface material for the mobility sector. "Veneers can well be compared to the chrome trim on a beautiful old car", adds Klaas. Every real wood veneer is a truly unique item that adds refinement and lends individual character to the product.


Exhibitors at interzum 2017 such as Schorn & Groh specialise in veneers for the fitting out of cars and other means of transport, among others. Real wood has been at the heart of the Karlsruhe-based company for over 50 years now. Schorn & Groh sources round and sawn timber from growing areas from all over the world for its manufacture of high-quality veneers. The thin sheets of wood taken from the tree are cut to size, put together, glued to the backing material and pressed. Products that the finished veneer are used in include high-quality cars and one of the world's biggest passenger helicopters – surfaces that are one of a kind.