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Three questions to PJMARES


The Belgian designduo PJMARES focuses on interior spaces and objects, combining a joyful aura with traditional craftmanship and architectural structural thinking. We talked with the two partners, Peter-Jan Scherpereel and Tom Mares, about materials, surfaces and customization.

Peter-Jan Scherpereel, Tom Mares, as designers especially of objects and interiors, where do you see current and exciting trends in the field of materials and surfaces?

Peter-Jan Scherpereel: We are always on the hunt for new materials and surfaces. To be fair, we aren’t following the trends as much as we should. But when we come across a new beautiful material or surface that meets our standards we use it. It’s quite exciting to see how this field has developed over the last years. Ecological aspects have of course gained importance, while at the same time the appearance has become quite diversified. The characteristics of materials, reaching from recycling to hi-tech in production and performance, can be chosen very precisely for a specific task, yet leaving the designer more aesthetic freedom than probably ever before.

How important are materials and surfaces for your own work? What do you focus on?

Peter-Jan Scherpereel: Materials and surfaces, their appearance and feel and their way of aging are very important to us. In our work, materials and surfaces are often used as a graphic communication layer that is put over the practical lines of our furniture. We love making unexpected combinations in texture as in colour, use traditional materials and processes in combination with hi-tech. Life should not be too dull.

PJMARES: Bar Sanba, Antwerp, © Peter-Jan Scherpereel

PJMARES: DWS desk, © PJS Photography

PJMARES: Dressoir, © PJS Photography

How important is customized design today, the possibility to produce singular furniture and objects for individual needs and tastes? You lately launched a very successful kitchen system which seems to rely on these aspects.

Tom Mares: We feel a great need with our clients to distinct themselves. We help them doing it by allowing our furniture to be 100 percent customizable. In the case of our NOMAX kitchen system we developed a modular metal system which acts as the backbone on which we can apply the typical PJMARES material combo’s that make it a very high-end, high performing and very personal kitchen.

The design duo behind PJMARES are Peter-Jan Scherpereel and Tom Mares. PJMARES was founded in 2014 and is located in Brussels, Belgium. PJMARES creates their own collection of discerning, timeless design and interiors and are the creators of the NOMAX kitchen system.