Cologne: 04.–07.05.2021 #interzum

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From science fiction to job description: the 3D engineer


3D printer

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3D printers and the objects created with them were the highlights of the “Smart Materials“ special event at the last edition of interzum. As a platform for innovations in materials and surfaces, the trade fair has for some time now been placing additive manufacturing technologies under the spotlight. The rise of 3D printing could be a real game changer for the future of entire industries, and this is already causing the property sector to think about new career profiles.

Dr. Sascha Peters even speaks of a „form of gold rush“ being under way with regard to 3D printing. The renowned materials expert and his agency Haute Innovation have been collaborating with interzum to explore 3D printing. At the 2015 edition of interzum, he already pointed out the potential of this pioneering technology at the “Smart Materials“ special event area. 3D printing enables the creation of new shapes from a wide range of different materials. This resource-saving technology produces virtually no waste and is estimated to save up to 60 percent in in terms of materials used, compared to traditional methods.

Against this backdrop, the property sector can already see new job opportunities on the horizon: the respected trade magazine “immobilienmanager“ is currently reflecting on the potential of 3D printing in the industry. Even today, entire structures created using 3D printers are no longer science fiction – printed bridges already exist. The advantages offered by 3D printing are evident: Serial production based on prototypes from virtually any material, practically at the push of a button. The production of structural components, right on the construction site, avoiding any complicated supply and logistics issues. In addition, the innovative technology inspires experimentation with new forms, shapes and structures. immobilienmanager magazine already sees traditional careers such as civil engineer or architect as being on the wane, whereas any engineer with a working knowledge of 3D printing, will most probably be a highly sought-after expert in the future.