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3 questions for Daniel Trappen, kadawittfeldarchitektur


Daniel Trappen kadawittfeldarchite

Daniel Trappen, kadawittfeldarchitektur © Carl Brunn

Which trends are architects and interior designers focusing on in terms of materials and surfaces? We spoke with Daniel Trappen from the prestigious architectural firm kadawittfeldarchitektur, asking him about the latest developments in these areas and what he is expecting from interzum 2019.

Daniel Trappen, in your opinion, what are the hottest trends at the moment in terms of materials and surfaces?

There has been a renewed focus on the texture and feel of materials and surfaces. Firstly along the lines of ‘hygge’ – a new level of cosiness – but also in terms of a natural feel that is accompanied by eco-friendly, sustainable approaches to design. These topics are becoming more and more important, not just in the domestic sphere but also in today’s working environments. Especially as new technologies facilitate the highly customisable design and planning of bespoke interior spaces.

kadawittfeldarchitektur: Neue Direktion, Cologne (DE) © Jens Kirchner

kadawittfeldarchitektur: Neue Direktion, Cologne (DE) © Jens Kirchner

How important are materials and surfaces in your own work? Some of your firm’s projects focus on recycling and follow cradle-to-cradle design concepts as well – might these developments also become more prominent in the interiors sector?

In the coming years, cradle-to-cradle and recycling concepts will occupy a lot of our attention. There is an ever-increasing focus on aspects such as reusability, recyclability and the purity of recycled materials. The trend for upcycling, although it may initially have been confined to the DIY sector, has been marketable for some time. Upcycling is now used in some industrial process structures. In addition to using existing recycled products, we see it as our role as designers to help encourage manufacturers to press ahead with the development of new innovations – by generating demand and offering to collaborate with manufacturers. With this in mind, we are interested in products that can be obtained from production waste. We want to utilise the positive properties of the materials. For example, sheet materials that are made by pressing the waste material from fabric production. These materials can be used as decorative felt panels, which have acoustic properties, or in board form for making furniture. Another example is bonded leather, which has a unique feel and texture and can be used as a sheet material or as a wall covering. We’re also interested in alternative products that are made of renewable resources, such as pineapple leather.

kadawittfeldarchitektur: Canteen building at the LWL-Klinik Dortmund (DE) © Andreas Horsky

kadawittfeldarchitektur: Canteen building at the LWL-Klinik Dortmund (DE) © Andreas Horsky

What are you expecting from the upcoming interzum, perhaps following on from your visit last time the fair was held?

We are hoping to discover more exciting new fields and to get some new food for thought. It is of course always interesting to have an update about what the market as a whole is doing in the area of materials and surfaces. But we are also curious to see whether some of the visionary ideas from the previous interzum have been taken further and made more professional – the area of recycling processes is just one example. And to see which new technologies are emerging – perhaps some of them will only recently have become marketable. In the past, we were particularly excited by interzum’s interdisciplinary approach, which involves exhibiting production techniques that originate from other sectors but have great potential to inspire and foster innovation within the interiors sector.

Daniel Trappen is Head of Interior Design at kadawittfeldarchitektur in Aachen. The specialisms of this prestigious firm range from interior design to urban planning and include residential and office buildings, trade fair projects and museums. At interzum 2017, Daniel Trappen participated in the guided tour for architects.

kadawittfeldarchitektur: DocMorris Headquarters, Heerlen (NL) © Andreas Horsky

kadawittfeldarchitektur: DocMorris Headquarters, Heerlen (NL) © Andreas Horsky