Cologne: 04.–07.05.2021 #interzum

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ASD Laminat A.S. | Exhibitor on the interzum 2019

ASD Laminat A.S.

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ASD Laminat A.S.
Yesilköy Mah. Atatürk Cad Istanbul Dünya Tic Merkezi Bloklan A1 Blok 10/1 Kat 16 Ofis 463-466
34149 Bakirköy, Istanbul
+90 2126700360
+90 2126700368
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List of Products

This exhibitor shows the following products and commodity groups:

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Company & products
Compact Laminates

ASD LAMINAT provides high-quality and appropriate services with its wide product range by taking the advantage of its HPL presses in various sizes. All the decoration and surface alternatives, which are always renovated at regular intervals, not only helps you catch the trends but also create different designs.

Compact laminate gives a modern look to different designs, and it is preferred on dressing cabinets, bathrooms, WC cabinets, counters, partition walls and door since it is highly durable, easily supplied and thanks to its ease of use; it is preferred in common use areas, spa centres, gyms, swimming pools and hotels thanks to its vapour resistance; it is preferred at kindergartens, pre-schools, factories, hospitals and laboratories since it is hygienic.

ASD Interior Grade Compact Laminate proves its hygienic and antibacterial feature against micro-organisms, with its certificates.

It is preferred in vertical split applications due to its dimensional stability and self-bearing feature. ASD Standard Compact provides a composite appearance by offering the alternative of applying demonstrative stylish black and brown core and decorative papers on a single or double surface.

ASD Standard Compact Laminate has CE certificate, which provides European consumer safety and EN 438-4 certificate, which demonstrates that it is an environmentally-friendly material protecting human health. It is classified as standard quality compact class (CGS) and fire resistant compact class (CGF). CGF fire resistant compact class’ is the equivalent of BS2 d0 in European standards, which is the highest resistance class among organic materials.

Decorative paper is available on both sides of ASD Interior Grade Compact Laminate, and a stylish black core has been developed for the center section, which completes its decorative feature.

High Pressure Thin Laminates

The laminate is a rigid plate produced from 0.2 mm to 25 mm and made up of layers of cellulosic fibrous material (paper) bonded together by heat and high pressure treatment to ensure adequate curing of the impregnated papers with thermosetting resins.

Compact Laminate is a laminate type in which the same materials are applied with different temperature and pressure processes, and produced as  2 mm and thicker.

The laminate is produced from CHPL and HPL machines as required by its production technology and passed through the appropriate processes.

While HPL makes multi layer production under high pressure, CHPL is a machine that makes production similarly under high pressure but uninterruptedly.