Guided Tours for trade visitors

Guided Tours at interzum

In order to give you a quick and efficient overview of the topics of the fair, we cordially invite you to the free Guided Tours of interzum.

Our exhibitors will present innovative new products for the design of tomorrow. The tours will be conducted in English and last approx. 1.5 hours.

In addition, there will be a daily tour to selected interzum event areas.

In order to ensure the highest possible benefit for you, the number of participants is limited to 20 persons, first come - first serve!

The registration takes place at the interzum at the Guided Tour Counter in the Service Center on the Nordboulevard.

Please arrive at the registration counter until approx. 15 minutes before the start of the tour, then you still have enough time to register for the required reception technology. To receive a pre-registration for the tours is only possible on the respective fair day!

Starting times:

Tuesday, 21.05.2019

9:30 a.m. Follow the red line

11:30 a.m. Materials & Nature

2:00 p.m. Function & Components

4:00 p.m. Textile & Machinery

Wednesday, 22.05.2019

9:30 a.m. Follow the red line

11:30 a.m. Materials & Nature

2:00 p.m. Function & Components

4:00 p.m. Textile & Machinery

The route and the content and chronological order of the tours will be published here shortly).

The Guided Tours are offered in all three segments as well as in the special areas of interzum and include the following topics:

Tour 1: Materials & Nature

-> Smart surfaces

Whether supermatt, high-gloss or completely individual - extremes are in demand today in surface design. Manufacturers convince not only with an inexhaustible variety of designs, but also with functional features. Digital printing makes unique designs possible, while "anti-fingerprint" and other effects guarantee durability and a permanently good look.

-> Eco Materials

Sustainability and living with as few pollutants as possible are the challenges of the future. Consumers want to optimise their ecological footprint and not be exposed to unnecessarily harmful influences within their own four walls. The reuse of raw materials contributes to this, as does the use of environmentally friendly furniture components.

Tour 2: Function & Components

-> Merging living worlds

The separation between different areas of the home continues to dissolve - transitions become fluid. This has an impact on systems, fittings and lighting. This makes some furniture more functional. At the same time, the demands on the design of technical solutions are increasing. In addition, the right light must set accents and design rooms according to temporary use.

-> Small rooms big

Living space is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, especially in large cities. This development requires optimal use of existing space. Current examples are clever storage solutions or functions that are integrated into lightweight boards. With components for more space per square metre, even the smallest apartment is extremely comfortable.

Tour 3: Textiles & Machinery

-> Upholstered furniture with system

Individualization is a megatrend of our time. In the field of upholstered furniture, too, consumers want solutions that are as individual as possible - preferably with a sustainability seal and intelligent functionality. Today, sophisticated technologies and machines are used for this purpose. Innovative CAD/CAM and other systems as well as top materials are used in the implementation.

-> Efficiency for more sleeping comfort

Diversity is also growing in the mattress world. On the other hand, competition in this area is more competitive than ever before. The materials are being processed more and more innovatively and perfectly. The quality leaders in the industry must therefore position themselves well. Success begins with the most efficient production possible, which ensures more sleeping comfort with the right suppliers and partners.

Tour 4: Follow the red line (tour to the special areas)

interzum offers a large number of innovative exhibitors and trendsetting topics. Use the Guided Tour "Follow the red line" for a compact overview. In the course of the tour, product highlights as well as piazzas and special areas on inspiring themes relating to the design of tomorrow's living spaces will be presented. Experts will provide insights into industry-relevant trends such as sustainable materials or the furnishing of small living spaces and mobile spaces.

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