Three questions to: Sebastian Herkner


Sebastian Herkner, photo: © Gaby Gerster

Sebastian Herkner, photo: © Gaby Gerster

Sebastian Herkner is among the most sought-after designers today. When he is designing objects and furniture for international manufacturers, he pays particular attention to the materials used. We spoke to him about the influences on his work and the connection between traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

Sebastian Herkner, in your work as a designer, how important are materials and surfaces to the development of your designs and their characteristics?

The material is usually a fundamental consideration right at the start of my design process. The manufacturing technique or form of processing is naturally crucial here. The surface and colour go hand in hand with it and are decisive in the design’s character.

Das Haus, imm cologne 2016, photo: Koelnmesse

Das Haus, imm cologne 2016, photo: Koelnmesse

Your work combines an awareness of traditional processing techniques and materials with new technologies and finishes. What role does the manufacturers’ expertise – and by that I also mean their collaboration with you – play in this process?

As a designer, I am dependent on manufacturers. Together with the trades and artisans, they are important partners that turn my ideas into reality.

Home life, work and leisure are increasingly interlinked today in terms of both space and time. This trend is intensifying with the digitalisation of our living environments and increasing mobility. What do these phenomena mean for designers and their approaches?

These social changes have an immense influence on my work when I’m developing new approaches to furniture.I question typologies, structures and patterns of thinking, and develop new ones. Designers and their approaches have an enormous responsibility here.

Sebastian Herkner founded his studio in 2006. He designs furniture, lighting and objects for large numbers of international manufacturers. He also creates interiors and exhibition designs. Herkner produced “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” for imm cologne 2016 as the guest of honour at the interior business event.

DELIGHT glass table for Pulpo, photo: © Pulpo GmbH

CIRCO range for Ames, photo: Andreas Valbuena

SOAVE range for La Cividina, photo: © La Cividina