Green Product Award

Approximately 400 applicants from 21 countries sent their entries for the Green Product Award 2015. From among the contenders – submitted by students and international brand-­name companies alike.

The Green Product Award is the sole international competition for sustainable products and services. In addition to the awards themselves, the competition also offers contestants the opportunity to brainstorm, collaborate and network with their peers while taking advantage of a wide range of media platforms designed to raise market awareness of their products.

The competition highlights products and services whose design, innovation and sustainability make a significant contribution to a greener future.

Green network

The Green Product Award’s mission is to foster an international community wherein members are encouraged to engage in an active exchange of “green” ideas. It is a creative, innovative hub that brings together designers, manufacturers and researchers, giving contestants the broadest variety of opportunities for presenting, developing and marketing products for the future.

white lobster GmbH & Co. KG

The Green Product Award was developed by white lobster, an agency for sustainable innovation, under the guidance of Nils Bader.

white lobster is a full-service agency for sustainable innovation and communication. We are an intermediary between business, the media and the sciences. At white lobster, we work with a network of interdisciplinary experts to find solutions that create sustainable value for customers, nature and society.

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