Special area digital 3D-Surfaces

Modern digital printers print “surfaces” that are not only tactile, three-dimensional and, where desired, very durable, but also in high formats, at cost-effective print speeds and to the highest quality. Architects and product designers are the target audience, as are the decision makers in the furniture and interior construction industries. Leading manufacturers will present working examples of digital industrial manufacturing using wood, ceramic, glass, textile, metal and much more. Experts will offer insights into technologies, software and services.

“From theory into practice, from laboratory sample to industrial scale”, DIGITAL 3D SURFACES demonstrates the steps in the process. From the initial idea to a final data set, from the choice of printer and ink, right through to a complete solution from one source. The special event in Hall 10.2 puts the focus on digital/additive manufacturing – promoting creativity, shorter reaction times and design flexibility in the home and furnishing sectors.