Piazza “Mobile Spaces“

Mobile space is not just the little brother to stationary space.

We all know mobile living spaces from the holiday sector. The caravan and motorhome industry is booming, and more and more people are choosing this form of travel. The options for new car interiors leave almost nothing to be desired. Innovations in surfaces, textiles and fittings in the conventional furniture segment are applied in mobile living spaces, as well as specially designed versions that meet the stringent low-weight criteria. This is another field where the two disciplines stimulate each other because lightweight design is immensely important both in rolling, floating and flying spaces and in residential construction and furnishing. Transportation and logistics call for cost minimisation and low weights, not least for sustainability reasons.

All the trends in the mobile sector are relevant to interzum because new materials and innovations in function, machinery and lightweight design are required to put them into practice, and the requirements for mobile spaces are often even more demanding than in a typical residential context.

The new special “mobile spaces” event area in Hall 10.1 will initially focus on rolling spaces in 2017. It will showcase diverse exhibits in this category and offer in-depth information on this topic around the area.