Special area Circular Thinking
From Upcycling to Biofabrication

Alternative raw materials are increasingly being identified across different manufacturing industries and production systems being optimised with a view to reusing recyclable materials. Ideally, at the end of the product lifecycle, there should be no waste produced, but instead high-quality materials that can be used as a starting point for a new product lifecycle. Recycling becomes upcycling, so waste is not produced at all and resources remain in the cycle.


The shift away from “consumption” of a resource to its “use” is of especially high importance to material-intensive industries. New upcycling processes will greatly reduce the use of resources and energy on all levels.

In the “innovation of interior” special event area, the potential of upcycling models and the evolution of sustainable materials cycles will be demonstrated with the aid of examples of developments and the new options for manufacturers, designers and architects presented.

In addition, the “Upcycling and sustainable materials cycles” congress, taking place on 18.05.2017, will focus on these points.